The SV.COllection offers a wide range of flowering potted plants, including Chrysanthemums, Kalanchoes, Primulas, Celosias, Poinsettias and our unique 'Lisi Lova' (pot Lisianthus).
Our products are available in different pot sizes ranging from 9cm to 23cm and we offer them under our two brands: MADE BY.CO and Favorita.
MADE BY.CO is fresh, cheerful and versatile every day and offers most of the SV.COllection.
Favorita is our luxury Kalanchoe brand, known for its elegant appearance, extremely good shelf life and outstanding quality.

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In the spotlight

We have the following certificates: MPS GRASP, MPS-A, MPS-Q, MPS-SQ, MPS-Gap (MPS-Florimark) & ETI. SV.CO looks for the best possible score for sustainability, with the certification of MPS. So we continuously are keen to get the maximum out of ourselves and the best possible score on sustainability. Together for a sustainable world where human (people), environment (planet) and economic (profit) are in balance.

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