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What we dream of

We aim to be the leading grower of sustainable flowering potted plants, where innovation and teamwork guide our way.


How we do it

Market-oriented growing of flowering potted plants, leveraging our unique identity to add value for both our partners and consumers.

More about our vision

We want our company to be at the forefront in every aspect, including organisation, growing, commerce, and marketing. Our goal is to be a role model in our sector.

From our perspective, sustainable means we grow long-lasting plants and meet society's expectations in terms of climate requirements.

From our perspective, innovation means our drive to continuously develop and implement new and improved methods, processes and technologies in everything we do. We’re committed to improving the production of potted flowering plants, promoting environmentally friendly practices, and introducing new plants and concepts that can captivate the market and align with evolving consumer preferences.

From our perspective, collaboration means our willingness to engage in partnerships with other businesses, foster mutual cooperation, and cultivate a strong sense of unity and camaraderie. We are open to sharing knowledge, resources, and expertise, in order to jointly drive sustainability and innovation. Collaboration also includes entering into relationships with suppliers and retailers, and intensive contact with direct customers.

More about our mission

From our perspective, market-oriented means that we focus on growing flowering potted plants in a way that responds to the wishes and needs of our customers. This includes adapting colour and product ratios, and creating tailored packaging for different market segments.

Unique identity refers to our characteristic features and qualities that distinguish us from our competitors. These include our specific production processes, innovative methods, creative packaging, customer-oriented approach, and other elements that identify our brand and company.
The concept of added value emphasises our ability to both supply high-quality potted plants and create valuable benefits for our customers, for example through optimised production processes. This added value also refers to the cheerfulness provided by our appearance and our products.
By partners, we refer to our relationships with various stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and other companies in the chain. We are committed to collaboration and our shared pursuit of success.

What  SV.CO stands for is described in our core values:








SV.CO is well-known for its versatile range of cheerful flowering pot plants, delivered fresh to our customers every day. We have been comparing our business to that of an artisanal bakery for years in that our products are also created with traditional craftsmanship, and tailored specifically to the changing seasons and public holidays. All our SV.COmmunication, from our vehicle park to our coffee cups and from our biscuit tin to our packaging sleeves, demonstrates this. SV.CO has proven that outstanding quality and contemporary, ‘appetising’ packaging appeals to many consumers.

As from 2021, we started taking our comparison to a bakery one step further. SV.CO has been intensifying its relationship with retailers. We have become caterers delivering traditionally crafted custom work, with an additional focus on professional presentation. ‘Appetising’ is the key word in this, in which our cheerfully flowering plants and packaging are paired with a healthy, responsible lifestyle and outstanding service.

Our goal is to create fresh, flowering plants that give our energy a healthy boost. Fresh, colourful and healthy: that is what makes our products and our recognisable packaging the most appetising on the market. And that’s what it’s all about, after all! Our plants make everyday life cheerful and healthy, in which we intend ‘healthy’ to mean a world in which people, planet and profit are all in perfect balance.

We bring our products to the market under two consumer brands


Plant, people, world

SV.CO is good for people and planet

Our potting soil consists of approximately 40% sustainable ingredients, the majority of which are derived from coir and compost.

Around 197 MWh of energy is generated by the solar panels on our processing halls. This is enough to provide at least 54 households (composed of 3 persons on average) with energy.

The surface area of our greenhouses, where we grow our plants, can be compared to nineteen football fields in terms of square metres. We recycle 100% of all the water that falls on our greenhouse roofs. This allows us to save the same amount of tap water that is used by 5095 households (composed of 3 persons on average).

We are replacing more and more packaging with sustainable alternatives. Did you know that we developed an SV box of our own from recycled cardboard?

According to a study conducted by NASA potted chrysanthemums are among the Top 10 best air purifying houseplants. In addition to their air purifying properties, they also produce extra oxygen for their surroundings and make people feel happier!

One of our driving forces is our desire to achieve top marks through our MPS sustainability certification, for which we are regularly audited. As a result, we remain on the ball in our endeavour to live up to our full potential and conduct our business operations as sustainably as possible. Our goal is to create a sustainable world together, in which people, planet and profit are in perfect balance.

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Plant, people, world