Creating a more sustainable and cheerful world together

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What  SV.CO stands for is described in our core values:


To be the partner that enables our customers to permanently distinguish themselves from the competition through our outstanding quality and innovation. 



Creating a more sustainable and cheerful world together.  



The Top 3 grower of surprising plants for every season.




SV.CO produces an attractive collection of potted plants all year long. We like to compare ourselves to a bakery that offers a fresh, colourful and versatile product range every day. Produced with traditional craftsmanship and with a special product for every season or holiday!

We have been growing flowering houseplants ever since 1978 and use our expertise to produce top-quality products every day. In addition to our vast experience, we consider innovation to be not only of crucial importance, but also fun, whether at product level or with regard to digitisation. We clearly demonstrate the pleasure we take in innovation in the many new delicacies you will find in our proverbial biscuit tin.

We bring our products to the market under two consumer brands


Plant, people, world

Creating a more sustainable and cheerful world together

Our potting soil consists of approximately 40% sustainable ingredients, the majority of which are derived from coir and compost.

Around 197 MWh of energy is generated by the solar panels on our processing halls. This is enough to provide at least 54 households (composed of 3 persons on average) with energy.

The surface area of our greenhouses, where we grow our plants, can be compared to nineteen football fields in terms of square metres. We recycle 100% of all the water that falls on our greenhouse roofs. This allows us to save the same amount of tap water that is used by 5095 households (composed of 3 persons on average).

We are replacing more and more packaging with sustainable alternatives. Did you know that we developed an SV box of our own from recycled cardboard?

According to a study conducted by NASA potted chrysanthemums are among the Top 10 best air purifying houseplants. In addition to their air purifying properties, they also produce extra oxygen for their surroundings and make people feel happier!

One of our driving forces is our desire to achieve top marks through our MPS sustainability certification, for which we are regularly audited. As a result, we remain on the ball in our endeavour to live up to our full potential and conduct our business operations as sustainably as possible. Our goal is to create a sustainable world together, in which people, planet and profit are in perfect balance.

Certified MPS

Plant, people, world

MPS-A, MPS-Q, MPS-SQ, MPS-Gap (MPS-Florimark) & ETI.